Hit Tracks


Acoustic Street Soul Pop Trio

Le groupe « Hit-Tracks » a été créé pour jouer dans la rue pour la rue.
Nous partageons le plus simplement et le plus directement notre musique classe et sexy, faite de pop et de soul.
Elle est portée par une voix chaude et sensuelle accompagnée d’une guitare acoustique, d’un saxophone classy et d’une contrebasse.


Nous nous produisons unplugged.
Le groove s’installera à coup sûr dans les corps.
Passements de jambes et headnodding, impossible de résister !

Casting :
Jean Marie Guyard (Chant & guitare)
Emmanuel Soulignac (Contrebasse, choeurs)
Fabien Genais (Ténor sax, choeurs)



The « Hit-Tracks » group was created to play on the street, for the street. We share our classy and sexy music, a mixture of pop and soul, in the simplest and most direct way possible.
Projected by a warm and sensual voice, it is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, a classy saxophone and a double bass.
We play acoustic or electric.
The groove will surely make your body rock.
Moving your feet and head-nodding will be impossible to resist!

Casting :
Jean Marie Guyard (Lead vocal & guitar)
Emmanuel Soulignac (Double bass, choir)
Fabien Genais (Ténor sax, choir)

« Passements de jambes et headnodding, impossible de résister ! »
– Les effets peuvent être irréversibles !

Courriers et commentaires

12 novembre 2017

Hello there,
We bought your CD « Hit-Tracks »whistl visiting L’Isle sur la Sorgue provincial market. We sat there and was blown away by your voices. I was hoping you may have a Xmas cd. Your voices are superb and I now listen to your cd almost daily back here in Melbourne, Australia.
What others cd are you also available please and do you have a website ?
Kind regards.

Julie Baker

7 novembre 2017

This is someone who I met and truly respect as an artist and musician. I’ve seen.him perform every Tuesday by our café in Cotignac and he never ceases to amaze me with his ridiculously gorgeous voice. Please guys lets support him in this exciting project and stand behind him in this .

Peace and love, you’re awesome Jean Marie Guyard
Good luck with everything